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Forum Rules

WebMasterTrader.com Forum Rules
Please read and abide by the following rules while taking part in our community. We would like to keep this list as short as possible but reserve the right to add or update new rules at any time. Repeat offenders and problematic users may be subject to banishment. Thank You!

  1. Members may not use foul language on the forum or show hostility towards others. We operate with one thing in mind: its nice to be nice.
  2. Members may only have 1 account per person. Users found to be impersonating others, or faking a sale will be banned.
  3. Members may not post duplicate content or bump (bump,ttt,etc.) their posts. This will be considered as spam and may lead to a warning being given.
  4. Members may not post referral links anywhere on the forum. This will be considered as misleading advertising and may result in a warning.
  5. Members may have signatures containing 4 lines maximum viewable on 800x600 resolution. The use of images on your signature is forbiden.
  6. Advertising not related to buy/sell/trade is not permitted in any forum besides the "Appraisals, Reviews & Show Offs" forum (No more than 1 thread per week).
  7. Members may not take over (hijack) another member's buy/sell/trade thread with side offers to a member other than the thread starter.
  8. Members with transaction disputes including money are entitled to staff moderation IF the escrow system is used for payment. Members with transaction disputes including an exchange of goods are entitled to staff moderation IF a source of delivery tracking is used during shipment. We ask that you use these tools to ensure clearly defined actions to help in resolution.
  9. If a transaction is agreed to via PM please post it in the appropriate forum to document the deal. We need to have public references as proof.
  10. The escrow system is a function in your user control panel that allows a monetary intermediary until a transaction is complete. It takes both parties to complete an escrow payment. Should a problem arise contact a staff member for moderation and possible cancellation of an escrow payment.
  11. Last but not least - please treat others as you would like to be treated!

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